Please contact Chale Abbey Studios on +44 (0) 7811594772 or email hello@chaleabbeystudios.com to discuss studio rates.

What rates include

Chale Abbey Studios is booked as a 12-hour day from 10am – 10pm. All the prices are exclusive of VAT, which is chargeable at 20%. The rates include an assistant but not an engineer. You can hire one of our engineers on top of the rate. All prices exclude media/tapes cabs and hire costs. Rates include the equipment shown on the equipment list, however some equipment may breakdown from time to time. Should any of the equipment fail and we cannot get a replacement, we cannot offer a discount. If a major piece of equipment breaks down (such as the console) we will discuss the time lost. Any equipment that is subject to availability will need to be booked prior to the session.

Terms & Conditions

To download Chale Abbey Studios Terms & Conditions that cover all bookings please click here.

Piano tuning

Piano tuning is charged from £70.00 + VAT / piano. We recommend you have the piano(s) tuned before your session.


Residential bookings include accommodation for up to 5 people.

Off-site accommodation
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