Inquiries should be made directly through the studio. Please let us know your requirements and we will advise you on the price and availability. If you are happy to proceed we require you to sign and date a copy of our booking form and, where necessary, to arrange payment of a deposit.

A Studio booking shall be confirmed once:

  • - The client has signed and returned a copy of this schedule or acknowledged their agreement to it via email.
  • - Any relevant deposits have been cleared.

Once a booking has been confirmed, it is subject to the following cancellation charges:

  • - Up to 14 Days before session date: 50% of total session cost.
  • - Between 14 - 7 days before session: 75% of total session cost.
  • - Less than 7 days before session: 100% of total session cost.

If a confirmed session is cancelled and you would like to reschedule it, please advise the studio immediately. Where possible, we shall endeavour to reschedule the time for you. However, we cannot guarantee there will be replacement studio time available to allow for this, nor that they will be in consecutive date ranges as per the original booking.

The relevant cancellation fee for the original booking will still be owing, and must be settled in full before any time can be rescheduled. If there is a balance owing, it will be due on the last day of the rescheduled session.


Please note that a studio ‘day’ is defined as follows:

  • FULL DAY: 12 Hours. 10am until 10pm

A ‘day’ shall be inclusive of the following:

  • - Setting-up and sound checking before recording begins.
  • - Packing down.
  • - Any breaks for food.
  • - Backing up to hard drives / burning CDs.

We will endeavor to provide you with rough time allowances for the above, so that you can schedule your day accordingly.


If you choose to work beyond the agreed timeframe, then an overtime charge of £60 + vat shall be payable upon the commencement of each new hour. The studios assistant or engineer will notify you 15 minutes before the session ends. 
It is the clients responsibility to ensure that they have allowed enough time at the end of the day to pack down / back up.


Unless stated otherwise, all invoices and account balances should be settled on or by the final day of your session. We shall ensure a final invoice is delivered to you in good time to facilitate this:

  • - Please note that we do not accept card payments.
  • - Invoicing details should be confirmed prior to the session. Please make available details of any third parties responsible for settling the invoice. We shall hold the party whose details are given on the invoice as being solely responsible for settling it.
  • - Late payments of 28 days or more will be subject to interest charges.
  • - Chale Abbey reserves the right to withhold any recorded materials if invoices are not settled by the agreed time. This shall also apply to devices / drives brought by the client for the purposes of taking materials away.